Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website through a variety of ways designed to increase your website traffic, specifically from search engines like Google. With good SEO your website will get more targeted traffic from people interested in your business.

Keeping your SEO up to date is an ongoing process, not something that can be done once and forgotten. Quality SEO work is complex, but there are some things even a novice can do to improve web traffic. And many tips to improving your SEO require no knowledge of coding or HTML language.

You’ll find more info along with some helpful tools below. 

SEO Tools & Tips

Hiring a professional agency to improve your SEO can be expensive, though it can be worthwhile if they get your website into the top search results for keywords related to your business. But is it necessary? Think of a big jigsaw puzzle. You don’t always need to fill in the entire puzzle to start seeing the photo. Similarly with SEO, there are many steps you can take towards improving your website. And each step, or piece of the puzzle, will improve your SEO.

Before you consider spending a lot of money there are some easy tools available (many of them free) that can help you take small steps towards an optimized website. 

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Semrush offers a number of website tools all from one platform. Improve your on-site SEO, do keyword research for both your website or pay-per-click ad campaigns, research your competitors websites and much more.



Moz has a long list of tools to help a small business owner improve their SEO including keyword research, competitor analysis and site audits to be sure your website is performing as well as it should. They also have some free tools you can use to get your SEO work started.



The services offered by Ahrefs may be a little more than the average small business owner may need, and they come with a little higher price tag than some of the other SEO services. But Ahrefs is used by some of the top companies and have a proven track record. Their SEO beginner guide is a nice place to start.



Seolyzer offers free tools for analyzing your site for SEO and determining how search engines like Google are indexing your website. It’s a good tool for spotting any potential SEO problems your website may be experiencing so that you can correct them before they hurt your search rankings.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console offers a number of tools for helping to get your site noticed by Google’s web crawlers. Whether you are just beginning to work on a new website, or looking to update and improve the SEO on an existing website you should be sure to visit Google Search Console.


Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is an online news site dedicated to SEO, pay-per-click advertising and content marketing. You can browse through articles on any topic, including local search tips and advice that can help your business. They are not a service or offer specific tools but they have a deep database of information to help you step up your SEO.


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